Thursday, March 13, 2014

New Video Featuring Josh's 2.0T Gen Coupe

Lot of progress was made with this video compared to my previous car vids. Still got a few things to work on as usual though. Shot this in RAW format and it came out cleannnnnnnnnnnn. But man let me tell you, the editing/post processing process is a BITCH. Doing another car shoot this weekend in LA with 2 Evo's and I'm going to shoot in the normal H.264 Compressed format to get a taste of how bad, or how not so bad it really is.

Jay S2K

Some quick shots I got for the homie Jay

Quick Band Shoot

Havent done a band shoot in a while, got another one coming up soon, so this was a good warm up and a way to get back familiar with it.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

I'll Miss You More Than You'll Ever Know...RIP...

It's sad to see you go. I wish I could have talked to you once more before you left....why did it have to be like this? There was so much more I wanted to show much more for us to experience. It's crazy how life works...Its going to be tough going on from here but I'll live the life that you would have wanted me to live. I'll miss the canyon runs in my evo....I'll miss texting you random song lyrics...I'll miss being able to be myself around you and not having to worry about being judged or feeling embarrassed. You were truly one of a kind and I learned so much being around you. Watching Formula 1, Youtube Drift videos, Etc won't ever be the same. I will never forget you, thoughts of you will run deep within me for as long as I'm breathing.